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Quaestor (Custom Campaign Progress)
2018-02-12, 10:35 AM (This post was last modified: 2018-02-12 10:38 AM by Brannon.)
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Quaestor (Custom Campaign Progress)
Quaestor is my first attempt at making a custom campaign. It will be a more difficult, larger campaign than Neter. I am hoping to aim for 11 AI factions but I need help. Not so much with the vehicles (although you can if you want to) but more so with the factions themselves and their lore.

First off, I want this campaign to be really unique. I have some ideads in mind but we'll see how it goes.

I have 3 factions so far. The Bloodmoon Orcs, Ironguard and Scarlet Dawn. (Scarlet Dawn will be in a very small territory, its there to go with the lore.) None of the factions are finished and can be subject to change.
I don't know if it will work but I sort of want a faction with territory only on land. Most of the planet will be water though. 80 to 90%.

Ok here are the factions in more detail:

Bloodmoon Orcs:
The Bloodmoon Orcs really hate the Scarlet Dawn. After a failed experiment the atmosphere around the Bloodmoon Orcs territory became toxic and turned them into mindless raging savages. Since then they have gathered some territory by plundering other ships and changing them to their liking. Also due to the atmosphere experiement the weather is very erratic ranging from perfect skies to ferocious hurricanes in seconds.

The Ironguard was once the same race as the BMO but then that happened ^^^
They also really hate the Scarlet Dawn.

Don't have much lore and would really like more.
Also need factions.

If you want to submit a design or something Tongue:

Bloodmoon Orcs:
-They are the starter faction.
-I want them to be stronger than the DWG.
-Lots of wood and not much metal.
-Metal can be used for protection and aesthetic purposes.
-Can be really OP (I'll probably nerf it anyway)
-No lasers (duh.)
-They like CRAMs
-Can use APS but not on all designs
-I want them to look like they have been crudely strapped together to form something that floats


To do:
-Create more factions
-Make more designs
-Get lore

I will be putting all my free time into this without trying to burn out my brain.
Also if you have any design ideas but can't be bothered to actually build them tell me and I will.

Any suggestions I'm wide open
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