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2017-12-07, 03:35 AM
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Hello all and as you have likely noticed, I have returned to these forums.
Now the newer users probably don't remember me, I just lost interest in the game, and I was sad because I knew i loved if but it just wasn't entertaining me anymore.
As someone who knows how stuff works I figured, maybe I had been overexposed to it.
So i left for some time and now im back!
Just let be known I wont resume my old projects off the back, the Empire of The Isles is dead, lets face it, but I might restart my age of sail campaign at some point, since people seem to have renewed interest, and with the similar campaign being made by someone else (Who I've talked too, its interesting as a concept but they focus less on accuracy and more on coolness it seems) it would be interesting.
So, I hope I don't annoy anyone by being back, I my returned presence annoys you im sorry.
PS, my grammar has gotten better, you likely noticed, and my skills with computers have increased dramatically, though i still have the same computer that is really a potato in disguise

Oh jeez
The Age of Sail is upon us...
Alpha 0.2.1 coming December 25th!
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