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2017-10-12, 08:28 PM
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So as I think I mentioned the resources in FS are vary varied and realistically processed.

This means it can require quite a lot of vehicle space and crew to make something.

One example of this I've recently been working on is the Saltpetre for the production of gunpowder.

This will be made like it was in the medieval times... you essentially mix a lot of dung with soil and leave it for about a year, urinating on it very frequently!

Once you've done that you take this nitrate rich soil and put it in a cask and pour water into it to absorb the nitrates to make nitrate rich water

you then boil that water to get rid of the "wrong" nitrates, and leave you with the saltpetre.

Now I don't particularly want the game to force everyone to create their own dung and urine supply chains for this basic chemical... so there are going to be frequent encounters with vessels that manufacture and sell various things.

This will give you the option of continued trade, or attacking and trying to capture their vessel, or attacking and accidentally sinking their ship.

If you attack them you'll cause a surge in the price of the saltpetre (less supply now) and find future saltpetre encounters less commonly, at least for a period of time.

Obviously if you capture the vessel, maintain it and crew it you will have secured your own means of production.

Or you can just build your own ship and do it yourself.

Anyway this mechanic of trading with specific traders/manufacturers for things should mean players can have different styles- for example building fast attack ships and focusing on attacking treasure fleets or spice traders, and then using the stolen goal and spice to buy more ammo, iron, ammo, guns etc, would be as legitimate a strategy as building an industrial fleet and producing loads of stuff to sell to buy weapons / crew

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