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ProtecTech mods features (image heavy)
2017-10-11, 11:56 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-10-11 12:22 PM by Gladyon.)
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ProtecTech mods features (image heavy)
I have realized that it's hard to track all the features of the ProtecTech mods.
In fact, even me I don't really know all the features they contain...
So, here is a complete (I hope...) list of the features of the ProtecTech Industries's plugins tools mod and the ProtecTech Industries mod.
Note that I will not speak about the modders-only features of ProtecTechTools, and I will not separate the features of these mods (ProtecTechTools have nearly none anyway).

So here is the list of the topics:
- Shield
- Ammo controller
- Repairs customizer
- Aimpoint card

Post 2:
- Helium pump
- Lights
- Lever
- LCD screen
- Sign post
- Poster holder
- Misc

Post 3:
- ToolBox

- can be colorized without adding a color changer
- its GUI displays a preview of its color
- can be 'forced' (either type or strength). A forced value cannot be modified by an ACB, but an ACB can still turn the shield on and off
[Image: o9rcDZB.jpg]

[Image: uQ2alUB.jpg]

- the tooltip now displays the number of gauge coolers, railgun chargers, magnets and autoloaders (with 0 clips, 1 clip, 2 clips, 3 clips)
- clear clips button
- access intake button (will open the first ammo intake GUI, closing it will come back to hte APS firing piece GUI)
- minimum barrel length (under that length of barrel, the gun will not fire)
- railgun auto-configuration
--> allows to set either the required velocity or the required accuracy, along with the desired time charge. It will then automatically configure the railgun options to meet the desired values
--> will automatically recalculate when the quantity of battery is modified
--> copy/paste
[Image: IhpF0sj.jpg]

[Image: vyF3bDA.jpg]

[Image: JZxPVTO.jpg]

Ammo controller:
- it is possible to go the ammo controller GUI from the ammo intake GUI
- it is possible to set a name for each ammo controller, this name will be displayed in the ammo intake GUI
- each ammo controller remember its last diameter configuration (which is also displayed in the ammo intake GUI)
[Image: mgOQQYT.jpg]

Repairs customizer:
- can configure the priority order for the repairs
- 3 levels of priority
- distance check (if the range set to 'No limit' and the RepairsCustomomizer block is on the MainConstruct then it's for all the ship, if it is on a SubConstruct then it will affect only the SubConstruct)
- global settings (default priority if no block corresponding to any speficied priority is found)
- several blocks categories:
--> Any block
--> Structural
--> Underwater structural
--> AI
--> Engine
--> Weapon
--> Propulsion
--> Ammo
--> Shield
--> LAMS
[Image: LJAEZkA.jpg]

- possibility to prioritize missiles or shells
- additional restrictions configuration:
--> incoming angle
--> shell gauge
--> shell velocity
--> above/under water (if the LAMS node is above water, it will not engage underwater targets, and if it is underwater it will not engage above water targets)
[Image: kIxquxN.jpg]

Aimpoint card:
- the time to targeted block change is configurable
- it is possible to configure the targetable blocks:
--> underwater
--> abovewater
--> weapon
--> detection
--> engine
--> propulsion
--> LAMS
--> CoM
- note that the underwater/abovewater are an additional layer to the types of blocks (if you set weapon, propulsion and underwater, then the priority will be for any weapon or propulstion block underwater)
- the possibility to set if above/under water is more important than the type of block (if no block matching the given priority, it will then take a random under/above water block if it is more important. If not, then it will use a matching block that isn't matching the above/under water restriction)
[Image: u1cT3U6.jpg]
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