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ASV Canadensis
2017-10-11, 01:41 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-10-11 02:23 AM by Tourist.)
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ASV Canadensis
Here's a big ship I finished recently. It's a mostly accurate replica of the 1943 configuration of the IJN Mogami complete with 1:1 scale functional aircraft; seven A6M Zeroes as torpedo bombers and two F1M Zeroes as spotters. There isn't much interior to speak of and I'd like to improve the guns, but this is what I'm going to put out for now.

Some screenshots:

[Image: Kizf2bC.png]

[Image: GxfIk8q.png]

Some superstructure stuff

[Image: XNGiABl.png]

[Image: aXMyIxJ.png]

[Image: xRLljKL.png]

And the Zeroes:

[Image: RX9fm9p.png]

There it is. Be warned, the planes do not detach correctly, and sometimes the back one simply explodes upon spawning. I'll have to fix that...

EDIT: Accidentally put up a slightly previous blueprint that was saved in the wrong folder, and it had some random stuff lying around on it. Sorry about that; blueprint is now updated.

Anyways, the blueprint. Hope you enjoy it.

.blueprint  ASV Canadensis.blueprint (Size: 558.08 KB / Downloads: 32)

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