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DDG-257 USS Farragut
2017-09-11, 05:34 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-09-11 05:40 AM by Lemon Quat.)
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Photo DDG-257 USS Farragut
"Incorporating lessons learned from the construction of the Chevalier-class DDG, the DDG-257 Farragut-class is the latest in my line of medium sized guided missile destroyers. Whereas the Chevalier relied primarily on it's main battery of CRAM cannons to do the bulk of its damage up close and personal, the Farragut prefers to keep its foes at a distance.

Armed with a battery of 86 VLS launched ASMs, 12 Turreted heavy torpedoes, 8 SAMs, and 1 179mm ACC, she is capable of unleashing a withering barrage of long range missile fire from ranges of up to 2.5km. Her LAMS, mounted in the amidships stack, is capable of defending against light-moderate missile threats, and lighter CRAM shells alike. A cluster of flare CMS launchers mounted forward provide an additional defense against IR-seeker missiles.

Against airships and surface vessels, the Farragut-class DDG is a potent threat."

-Jayne's Battling Boats

So here's my second attempt at shipbuilding, after taking a week to learn more and plan out what I wanted. My last ship was pretty mediocre in combat with the CRAM cannons, and it's missiles were practically an afterthought. This ship is the opposite, where the missiles are the star of the show in a big way. It's got better compartmentalization and armoring than my last ship, and with the better propeller mod installed, she's a hell of a lot faster. Let me know what you all think.

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