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Small guns and Misslies
2017-08-12, 09:58 PM
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Small guns and Misslies
I would put this in the suggestions thread but I kinda wanted to just get a pulse of what others think and if i'm perhaps out of touch but i've noticed that since the defense patch, while the health of the game relative to large weapons has improved (no paper armor) the health of small weapons has degraded terribly. in particular, they're suffering heavily from shields + armor + bounce + separate damage nerfs.

In particular:

Missiles, only really have one viable warhead, frags, Emp does too little and with HA is now too easy to dissipate. HE is good underwater, but that only applies to subs and ships, so while torps are fairly healthy missiles as a whole are not.

The root of the problem here, is not that stuff got buffed armor/hp wise, we needed that. It's also not that frags received nerfs to narrow cone, we needed that too. The issue i'm seeing is that frags cannot handle the new higher AC of everything. Even wood hulls are bouncing close to 1/2 the fragments of a missile hitting at an angle. relatively simple hulls of 2 layers metal/alloy bounce 75%. What do you guys think?

In the Army we expect that leaders supply solutions to go with identified problems so here are some suggestions that could do well alone or with several together.

-A blanket (and significant) buff to AC would help solve the issue. Current AC is 6 IIRC. I would recommend increasing this to 12 or 18 and changing frag damage (.66-3 as of patch 2.01) to (.5-3). Since all blocks just received an AC/HP buff and the armor stacking was increased in addition to a nerf to frag damage at low angles this should not create a situation where everything is paper armor again but should reduce the bounce.

-modify the formula governing bounce so that it's less harsh, this would also help out small projectiles.

-allow us to modify frag shells and warheads. Much like HEAT can choose to have high penetration or high particle counts it would be nice if we could choose to design frags with higher penetration for punching holes and frags with high damage for wrecking systems past the armor. This would make missiles a little more interesting then the current 'add more warheads'

Small shells are suffering much as missiles are. all small shells struggle to penetrate any amount of armor. Low guage HEAT and HESH can't generate the metric to pierce 2 layer wood/metal, allow/metal, or metal/metal which is fairly light. This means that light ships cannot even damage each other reliably, and of course have essentially no ability to damage larger ships, even in numbers. Kinetic small shells and unfused explosives are similarly suffering from stupidly high % of bounced shells


-Once again, modify the bounce formula. The biggest issue i'm again seeing is that the shells do OK damage when they hit The issue is they're not getting a chance to hit because the bounce formula was written for first-layer AC values that were basically half what they are now.

-increase the AP metric of small shells, and their effects (like HESH, HEAT, Frag effects) however it should be done in such a way that it does not also increase the AP of larger shells. The idea is not to introduce a blanket buff that puts us back where we were. We simply need an increase so shells do a meaningful amount.

-Do not bring forth an argument as fact that can be disproven with a 10 minute Google search.
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