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2017-07-16, 10:51 AM
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V 1.0 was attained on 13/07/17 with completion of all originally intented land and naval factions.

At this point; the factions have the following amount of designs available:

Manduela: 18
Emirates: 20
Limburg: 15
Eyre: 22
Habsburg: 21
Oikos: 17

Western land: 13
Emirates land: 7
Oikos Land: 9

The campaign map is fully playable with HQ' s, victory conditions, resource zones, diplomacy etc.

As of this Version 1.0, the campaign is fully playable and in release state.

Further development will include the addition of an asian themed faction, bugfixes and resolving other issues, and lastly the addition of an Aztec flavoured ballooncraft faction.

Amongst stretch goals that I set for myself when embarking upon this project; Adventure mode is ready and playable, though untested by myself and up for future overhauls.
And land forces are present and ready.

Currently the main effort is directed at finishing the Cathayan naval and land forces. After that, I' ll try to crank all factions up to 20 designs at least.

I intend to hit two birds with one stone by designing all these forces throughout my own playtest of the campaign.

I will add further posts with changelogs and version numbers here. Be sure to read later posts as they will in the future more accurately present the state of this custom campaign.

"I don't know what I'm doing; And it's the not knowing that makes it interesting" -Philip Glass

Yep. That's me, 950 hours into from the depths alright ...
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