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First "Functioning" Craft
2017-07-16, 03:43 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-07-16 04:02 AM by axwell.)
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First "Functioning" Craft
I have this awful cruiser that happens to be my 3rd or 4th craft. I only have around 50 hours so far. I ripped off 2 different kinds of turrets and one engine, as component design isn't my forte. You can see that I've attempted to shape the hull this time, and a proper bow has been installed. I still have yet to construct a bridge, and I actually do need one as my craft's CoM is way too far forwards with both turrets there. I'll add the blueprint as soon as I figure out how to do that if any of you kind fellows would like to attempt to fix the smorgasbord of issues plaguing my pathetic hunk of junk I call a boat.
Armaments- Two 7x7 APS FRAG autocannons, an APS deck gun shooting 10RPM FRAG HEAT (i think), 20 4 block EMP/FRAG missiles, 16 6 block FRAG missiles.
Currently no smoke, missile interceptors, radar/sonar buoys, or proper armor, only CIWS
Lastly, I've almost figured out the PID Pitch but it's finicky and I don't really know what I'm doing.
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