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Missile Overhaul ideas and brainstorming
2017-03-20, 09:49 AM
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Missile Overhaul ideas and brainstorming
So I've been thinking on how missiles could be overhauled so here's what I've been thinking:

Missile racks:
Places that store missiles, range from 2m to 12m long, would come in both solid (for performance purposes) and open variants. Note that these cannot be placed on turrets or spinblocks. When destroyed they explode if the missile they contain has a EMP, Frag or HE warhead, either of the HE heads or the EMP head. Zero AC and rather low health on both all variants

Missile gauge:
Missiles would range from 100m diameter to 800mm diameter,

Missile customizer:
One of biggest ideas I've had:
Missiles would now built by a missile customizer, maxium length of wich is twelve blocks (excluding the controller). At 400m diameter missile "parts" would be 1m long if using a dual piece customizer and 2m longs if using a single piece customizer. Single piece versions of the warheads would be more powerful, fuel tanks would contain more fuel, engines would provide more thurst etc. Note that that missile frontal cones only come in "small" variations
-Missile warheads: Missiles would have Explosive, Solid, Fragmentation and EMP warheads. Fragmentation warheads would only be able to launch fragments in a cirulars pattern in parrel to the missile, maxium angle for both forward and backward of the missile's direction would 45 degrees.
-Missile cones: The cones of the missile, a two piece item. The very frontal part of the missile cone is the detection part of the cone and determines the detection and guidance capabilities of the missile i.e. the IR detector cone would be adle to detect high temperature objects on a ship and home towards them. Second part of the missile is what determines how the missile behaves when it hits the enemy vehicle.¨
1:Solid AP head, allows the missile to deal kinectic damage and penetrate armor, 50% damage penalty to EMP warheads. Deals a medium amount of kinectic damage at a based AP of 6 (increased by amount of solid warheads, speed)
2:Thump Kinectic head, works much like the thumper head currently for missile, can deal significant amount of damage but makes all warheads on the missile 100% useless, damage purely based on speed
3:HEAT head, fires a HEAT jets capable of penetrating armor, makes warheads do 90% less damage with the exception of the solid one, which gets a 100% damage penalty. Not buffed by explosive warheads behind it (unlike APS Heat)
4:High speed AP head, gives a 1,5x modifier to missile speed, reduces Frag and HE damage by 50%, EMP damage by 75%. Low Kinectic damage base, base AP value of 10 (increased by solid warheads and speed of the missile)
5:HE head, deals a high amount of base HE damage. Reduces Frag and EMP damage by 75%, solid by 100%, increases HE warhead damage to 120% of normal, reduces health of the missile by 20%
6:High speed HE head, gives a 1,2x modifier to missile speed, reduces frag and EMP damage by 90%, solid by 100%, reduces HE damage by 25%. Reduces health of the missile by 25%
7:EMP head, Increases EMP damage by 20%, reduces HE and frag by 75%, solid by 100%
-Missile fuel tanks.
Fairly straightforward to be honest, fuel of the missile, fuel tanks also reduce the health of the missile by 10%
-Missile warheads (info)
1:Solid warhead: Kinectic damage and AP value boost, increases the health of the missile by 20%
2:Frag warhead: Like explained before, launches Fragments in circular pattern, deals a very small amount of explosive damage, reduces the health of the missile by 10%
3:HE warhead, deals a high amount of explosive damage, reduces the health of the missile by a whopping 20%
4:EMP warhead, deals EMP damage. No effects on the health of the missile
-Missile thurster.
Three different types of thrusters, each with their own functions. Note that these MUST be at the back of the missile and there can only be one per missile
1: Short range thruster, provides a high amount of thrust at a very high fuel cost, intended for short ranged missile
2:Balanced thruster, provides a medium amount of thrust at medium fuel cost
3:Long range thruster: Provides a low amount of thrust at a low fuel costs, intended for things like cruiser missiles or other long range missile.
A single piece of versions of the thrusters give more thrust at a higher fuel cost
-Missile fuses:
These dertermine when a missile will explode, note that they do nothing to solid warheads
1: Proximity fuse, explodes at a set distance from the enemy vehicles, maximum range is 7m
2:Post Penetration timed fuse, causes frag, emp or HE warheads to go off after a set amount of time post armor penetration
-Other missile pieces:
1: IR camera, for IR dectection cones, works much like the current missile IR camera, has a speed modifier of 0.8x
2:Fins, allows missile to turn, although not all that well, reduces speed of the missile by 5%, must be at the back of the missile to be the most effective
3:Turn thrusters, turns the missile very fast at the cost of fuel
4:Beam rider, same as the beam rider currently for missiles

Missile Launchers:
Missile launchers are still controlled by a missile control block. However, missile Launchers themselves are no a single block ranging from 2m to 12m longs, they also come in boxed, circular (only takes 200mm and below in diameter missiles), single exposed or multi exposed (only takes missile up to 400mm diameter in which case it holds two) variants. There's still missile connectors and IFF blocks but no staggered fire block, as that is a slider on the missile block itself. Missile Launchers CANNOT reload without missile racks. Note: Circulars only go up to 4m long and Multi exposed only go to 8m long. Also note that a 800 diameter missile is too big to fit a maxsized customizer missile on any of these


[Image: Screenshot_2017-03-12_12.08.10.png]

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