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[All Factions] Godly Units Buff
2017-03-20, 08:32 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-03-20 09:14 AM by majyst.)
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[All Factions] Godly Units Buff
I am opening up this thread to begin an updating/buffing process to Godly Units.
Im not pushing for this to be done and im not providing a list of units that need buffed.
This is just an opportunity to those who want to buff Godly units to do so.

So, what can you change?
1. You may gut entire designs to re optimize things, but do try to keep the block count about the same.

2. You may rebuild turrets and change Ammo types on APS. In some cases you can change the entire turret to a different type, but you may want to check first.

3. You may add and increase defenses.

1. Try to respect the basic design Aesthetics. Dont rebuild large chunks of the design (Hull) just to incorporate a Buff.

2. Only use Steam Engines if you need to charge batteries to support a battery intensive system like PAC, Railguns, Laser Shields, etc.
You can also use steam engines for Aesthetic Reasons, but not as a replacement for a fuel engine.

3. You may reinforce areas with HA as you see fit, but not change the entire design to HA. Only where its really important. Also, keep in mind that HA may become much heavier in the future, so be careful you don't add so much that a ship will be sinking later.

4. All Buffs must still fall into the individual Guidelines of the Faction. This is particularly concerning for DWG and OW, if you add shields or something, expect someone to throw a fit about something or another.

5. If the design has a special weapon that is iconic to that design, then you may buff the weapon but not change its core concept. Most notably, the Bullshark HEAT spam cannon. Thats its gimmick, and replacing it with a generic cannon (even if its better) will not go well.

Do not be concerned about Maintaining FP strength, im relatively confidant that FPs will be meaningless in the future, and if im wrong ill deal with that later.

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