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[Multiple Weapon Systems] Nuclear warheads.
2017-01-11, 08:02 AM
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[Multiple Weapon Systems] Nuclear warheads.
I propose a multifaceted system for adding nuclear warheads to FTD in a slightly more nuanced way than the current tacnuke-only setup.

Nuclear warheads are built at a Nuclear Warhead Fabricator, which is a single- or multiple-block construction that must be kept upright and is overall comparable to an Oil Refinery - with the exception that nuclear warheads have a more or less fixed (or perhaps capped at the bottom) material cost, around 100 and no lower than 75 or so (as with the existing tacnuke), and adding more centrifuges or other addons only makes it faster / safer / take more or less engine power to create them.

Nuclear warheads are stored in 1x1 or perhaps 1x2 Nuclear Warhead Holder blocks and can be - in fact, need to be - shared between ships. If they are destroyed they explode like an ammo box rather than like a tacnuke as is.

Nuclear warheads can be used in cannons and missiles.

On a CRAM cannon a Nuclear Warhead Loader part must be attached in the same places a pellet box or ammo box is; this will cause the CRAM cannon to load a warhead, taking up a significant portion of its volume, if one is available and the volume is sufficient to load the warhead. Again this will not lead to a nuclear detonation on the mothership if destroyed.

APS and missiles use Nuclear Warhead Body and Nuclear Warhead Holder parts, respectively. With APS, the nuke is armed when the shell is spawned and loaded into a clip and can be set off by bad fusing if the clip is destroyed; the ammo input feeder only inputs the ammo if there's a nuke available, and there's a minimum gauge, probably 500mm, or it doesn't work. Missiles, likewise, hold the warhead in one or maybe two missile parts.

In all cases if the thing is set off after being armed (which happens only as it's fired for everything except maybe APS), it creates an explosion comparable to the current tactical nukes.
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