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Love engineering, Hate getting stuck.
2017-01-11, 05:53 AM
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Love engineering, Hate getting stuck.
Hi guys first time posting here and still new at the game. I have had a look for similar questions to no avail. I am loving the hell out of it though.

I have been playing adventure and just got started making larger battleship sized ships, on my first medium/big ship I went with a rounded hull as thats what I saw others doing. It floated and drove well enough, Never tilted to one side even under full turn and it did the job but it would never travel in a straight line. It would always turn very very slowly to one side. With the forces tool I could see a grey line shooting out of it to the left when I drove. I checked the ship over for issues with symmetry and weight, even checked the water pumps and prop placement and rudder. Finding nothing out of the ordinary I just decided to rebuild.

Now I have went with a simple flat bottomed ship as I have had good success with these so far. Now even after rebuilding it I am getting the exact same issue, tried everything I could to figure out a fix. From what I see the ship is symmetrical, Its weight is down the middle and not off to one side, my pumps are down the middle too, all unsubmerged, ship turns the same way no matter which way the waves are going. No gas issues as im am electric only atm.

I can handle my ship tilting when I turn and dolphin styling in and out the ocean but I HATE not going in a straight line. Kinda confused about what It could be and am looking for assistance if any kind soul would like to help.

(Also, ran into a 6mil material super god destroyer laser spaceship 20 minutes into adventure mode, fun times)

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Love engineering, Hate getting stuck. - lordbiron - 2017-01-11 05:53 AM

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