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Power plate armor (just an idea dump).
2017-01-11, 12:04 AM
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Power plate armor (just an idea dump).
Power plate armor(PPA) uses a material that temporarily hardens when exposed to electricity(yes it is fictional).
Should it loose a source of electricity it will weaken to its original state.
sudden heavy currents of electricity from say EMP can potentially override the limitations of the plate causing it to immediately expel the charge either to surrounding PPA blocks or forwards.

You basically power them with batteries. They will only drain until they're back to set maximum charge meaning they wont deplete the battery as you go but rather just use a couple points.

A standard block is 2x2 and has 800 health and 10 armor but gains 1000 health and 5 armor for every 10% meaning a fully charged one has 10800 health and 60 armor. Low performance ones are better at absorbing emp than high performance ones as they can easily be overloaded.
should the shell carrying emp also destroy the block through other means of damage then one of the elements used in the block will cause an explosion, meaning damage to your own vehicle.
Emp is essentially like free food for these as it also provides a charge, but too much and emp will be your nemesis.

This also means you can dump kinetic damage into these blocks along with emp in order to cause a detonation. the detonation will be the same regardless of how much emp you have (as long as the emp damage is above lets say 150). The more emp you have the less ap is needed meaning you could use hollow point, ap capped and composite as much as sabot.

This armor works greatly against explosives,frag,emp and kinetic as long as kinetic and emp can't overwhelm the armor.

You could also power them directly with a fuel engine but the fuel engine must be at 100% battery power charge.

In order to not overburden the game with data the block is set to a maximum of 10 groups of which you can assign each and every one of the blocks to.

might be a bit unbalanced due to RTGs but there might be a solution to that as well.

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