Reputation Report for Lincrono
(Citizen Soldier)

Total Reputation: 5

Reputation from Members: 11
Reputation from Posts: 0
Positives: 8
Neutrals: 0
Negatives: 3
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MizarLuke (12) - Last updated 2017-12-20, 08:33 PM

Positive (+1): Very helpful, doesn't deserve the -1s below. Very helpful, and contributes the the game and forums.
Resolas (7) - Last updated 2017-07-15, 08:26 PM

Positive (+1): Gives great advice on what's needed to be improved and pointing out flaws that can be fixed
Dominolan (7) - Last updated 2017-01-18, 03:55 AM

Negative (-1): Too strict.
JOJOBRN (2) - Last updated 2016-12-21, 09:53 PM

Positive (+1): gives constructive criticism, which I see only rarely on the internet.
Eagle (10) - Last updated 2016-12-17, 12:22 PM

Positive (+1): You take the time to explain your reasoning on various topics at hand, be it either a nice description of player tactics, engine advise or a comment on a suggestion. Even if I do not always agree, the debate often helps to sharpen things up.
Conn Seanery (7) - Last updated 2016-12-16, 05:26 AM

Positive (+1): Great advice
A Lemming (39) - Last updated 2016-12-09, 01:05 PM

Negative (-1): Disrespecting game staff "complain less, design better!"
Inglonias (0) - Last updated 2016-11-28, 03:58 PM

Positive (+1): Very knowledgeable. Gave specific examples and areas to improve to the point where I feel the need to revisit my whole fleet again!
Midnight (-1) - Last updated 2016-09-03, 09:56 PM

Negative (-1): The guy want absolutely to have the truth even when it's proven he is wrong. And yes there is a definitive answer, it's called testing. What he don't do before talking.
Kaonicping (8) - Last updated 2016-08-22, 11:08 AM

Positive (+1): Thanks for the VTOL idea
Ramble6 (40) - Last updated 2016-08-22, 08:00 AM

Positive (+1): You were talking in a polite manner during a debate and then get slammed with -1 rating by someone whose first response to your post was "oh hell stop". They deserve a negative more than you. Looks like you were trying to be polite enough in response