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Monklizard (22) - Last updated 2017-03-09, 03:54 PM

Positive (+1): Yo! Im honored to helped me to fix my "shyty broken english". At least for now. They are more episodes to come, when ya have da free time. Pm. me. I'll arrange it for ya.
Dominolan (7) - Last updated 2017-02-02, 03:09 AM

Positive (+1): (reply to a confusing series of replies) Ok I guess you don't deserve that rating, it was mean of me to reply like I did in that topic and to give you a negative rating... I just wasn't having the best day at the time.
mrvecz (43) - Last updated 2017-01-31, 06:46 AM

Positive (+1): To fix yer rep
MONOPOLATOR (0) - Last updated 2016-07-04, 09:08 PM

Positive (+1): Dedicated to being an orc, even when reporting bugs. To be so dedicated to a joke that you are willing to make your own problems far more difficult to solve, just because it's funny, is truly impressive.
Inquisitor Human (1) - Last updated 2016-07-02, 01:46 AM

Positive (+1): Filthy Xenos
ThunderPanzer (15) - Last updated 2016-07-01, 08:16 PM

Positive (+1): Orkz! Orkz! WAAAAGH!