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[Request] Mid-sized Laser Systems - MizarLuke - 2017-09-13 06:57 PM

I am looking for a laser system for LAMS and another for AA. They should be no larger than 12x9x9 each ( this is for the cavities and such, I already have the turrets and LAMS nodes ready). I want to use them for the next thrustercraft I am making. They must consume no less than 20k power each. Thanks for whoever designs it. I will credit you when I post the BP.

I have little experience with laser systems. I have had little reason to use them since I use RTG power, which is expensive to get many, so I haven't been able to realistically use one until now.

RE: [Request] Mid-sized Laser Systems - oventoaster955 - 2017-09-14 04:43 AM

Since 3m pumps were added, tetris-ing Lasers is super easy now. Each cavity can cover a perfect 3x3 square with two 1-pumps and two 3-pumps - twice the power output that you could get since previous patches! I would start with a 4Q Laser (Coupler with a Q-switch on 4 sides), 5 Cavities, 10 Pumps, and 10 3-Pumps - total area including the coupler would be 6x3x3, and should satisfy at least a small LAMS system. For bigger projects, I would use 10 meter chains, capped with a Storage Cavity for extra strength - one chain would be 12x3x3 with the coupler/switches, 10 Cavities, 1 Storage Cavity, 20 Pumps, and 20 3m Pumps.

Come to think of it, that 12x3x3 setup is perfectly fine for any LAMS size up to cruiser size. 3 chains (12x9x3) will suit the LAMS on a battleship. But 12x9x9? You could fit that as a main battery Laser. (That's actually a thing; look up "How to Laser Shotgun")

The hard part is wiring the laser generator to everything with the transcievers and connectors.

RE: [Request] Mid-sized Laser Systems - MizarLuke - 2017-09-14 04:26 PM

I already have all the wiring done, the thing I am unsure about is what I want in terms of frequency doublers and destabilizers, the shotgun page I found was definitely helpful, I will probably do that for the weaponized one, but I don't know about the frequency doublers for it, I assume as many as I can fit, since they have no down sides (as far as I know). The problem I have is trying to get it to consume low power, my current set-up consumes 200k power, far too much I assume more storages and less normal cavities and pumps?

I have turned one of the spaces into a LAMS system, it is a bit smaller due to adding more armor and other changes, now 6x7x13. I have 4 ten cavity chains with 2 three meter and 2 1m pumps each, along with 2 storage each chain. It also has 30 Frequency Doublers. Haven't done much testing with it, but it should work well. I have yet to do the weaponized one, still waiting for help with how many frequency doublers, also wondering if I want to put some destabilizers on the LAMS.

RE: [Request] Mid-sized Laser Systems - oventoaster955 - 2017-09-15 06:51 AM

Doublers are rather strange. The AP increase is rather wild right now; sometimes I'm scoring well above 2000 AP, while others barely manage 15. I think it has to do with the Q-switches.

In fact, Doublers can be added to their own lines and provide the same benefit, as long as the Q-switches are the same.
For LAMS, avoid destabs. Only use those for laser shotguns.

In actual fact, engine power is directed to the pumps - more pumps means a faster charge rate for more power use. If you want to be space efficient, you can switch your normal cavities to Single Input + 3m Pump. This results in a T shape that can be easily tetrised. Generally, you should have a high charge speed so that your Lasers operate at optimum strength.

Optionally, you can switch out your 3m pumps for regular pumps, cutting the power demand in half.


EDIT: I think I figured out the new AP mechanics. Each Doubler provide 400 AP. This AP value is divided by the number of pumps you have (10 pumps = 40 AP). Therefore, if you want higher AP, you should get rid of some pumps - meaning your shots charge slower.

RE: [Request] Mid-sized Laser Systems - MizarLuke - 2017-09-15 01:20 PM

Ok, thanks for the tips.

RE: [Request] Mid-sized Laser Systems - O-Doc - 2017-09-16 04:37 AM

Here's the workbench for my current gunship build. The laser is half the dimensions you are after but you would have to tetris two of these into your 12x9x9 space. This laser comfortably handles the task of shooting down fast flyers, cram shells and missile swarms. It's combat tested and rated at about 10k power. Damage output is consistent 1500 w/ 23 AP. The current configuration is 24x3x3 so you would take two of these and chop them both in half.

However, I don't think you need more than what this single laser puts out. It attacks a target and defends with LAMs simultaneously and does it well. I think it's it's better to save some space and spend your energy budget on shields instead.