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LCR - Light CRuiser (and some other bits too...) - BlitzkriegBob - 2017-09-13 06:16 PM

Sooo...I just finished two ships at the same time, both my light cruiser and a new heavy frigate (which sits on the edge between frigate and destroyer actually, but well...). Previous reworks have been the opportunity to rearrange my order of battle, so here it is. Solo campaign, here I come!

[Image: 0A5052AD53CAE92B0C269F727742CBF83E06BB5D]

The Light Cruiser (or LCR... Did I mention I was bad at finding names for things?) is designed to be the main workhorse of the fleet, handling most of ennemy threats except the big bad goddlies, cleaning efficiently the trash or intercepting ennemy patrols. It's built with Gray Talons & Lightning Hoods in mind, which means it's also quite potent against flyers and attack submarines (don't expect it to take on a Black Current though, it could suffer against it).

[Image: 206C3B5FE67D5BF02A39359EFA803494A326B173]

Built litterally around it two 2x500 mm APS, it carries some respectable power against surface and big air units. Two 117mm CIWS take care of the small flying fry. Only the Forward LAMS is turreted, it allows an additional layer of shield and 360° coverage without too many elements in this area.

[Image: 731E5D6A5FD6BC4C688A71D1A19203C06BA05D46]

The rest of the weaponry is two 20-pcs radar missiles launcher designed for anti-air defense but also capable against surface targets, and four 4-pcs LUA guided ASROCS against ships and subs. I kwno LUA stuff sounds like exploit, but I really wanted a weapon starting as a missile and continuing as a torpedo, and that's the only effective way I found; other arrangement usually leads in weapon missing miserably in 90% of the case...

[Image: 9D6962E776C0D5C9DD865A43983E551335CBF833]

Speaking about exploit... Propulsion is ensured by a hydrojet-kinda, making use of spinners exp*ahem* placement specificities. Gets propellers protected, but takes some space in the hull.

[Image: 7ED406B4A332F68201605F6DA34B6B64509A4BEB]

Missiles and CIWS are connected to a dedicated AA mainframe, so you can track and attack several targets at once.

[Image: BF8B5505C673BD6DC2139F2EB5E60188812DA0E0]

And finally, it's fully walkable and has a complete nice central ops in which you spawn.

[Image: 438C6AD869FEC048EFE3AF2E1C75E4448652A2FF]

About commands:
-U/J and H/K for accelerate/decelerate and turn port/starboard
-I/O switches shields on/off
-T/G shift shields to laser absorb/reflect. Shields also switch automatically on and to reflect mode when hostile missiles are less than 200m.

-speed: 22~23m/s
-length: 106m
-displacement: around 9500T
-cost: 110k

It packs alos a correct LAMS, a full set of radar, sonar, and IR decoys, and is agile enough to evade CRAM shells, if not shot at point blank of course. Paint is not complete yet,I think I will go with a simple two-tone dazzle-like pattern, similar to this:
[Image: 860751photo044.jpg]

Edit: Forgot to mention this:
HerpeDerp for his engine designs
Blothorn for his LUA TPG script I use for my ASROC missiles

RE: LCR - Light CRuiser (and some other bits too...) - Richard Dastardly - 2017-09-14 08:42 PM

Not much light about this thing Tongue might want fewer rudders, it's jittering around like the old Hydrovolt which doesn't do the sensors much good. Rudders scale up force with vessel mass, so the only real reason to have multiple is either redundancy or to exploit some strange movement.

Impressively robust though, 58% health remaining & still fighting.

RE: LCR - Light CRuiser (and some other bits too...) - BlitzkriegBob - 2017-09-15 12:11 PM

Thanks for the comment!

I had a small look at this jittering problem; the issue is that AI is steering like a weasel on cafeine, so I added a PID in naval yaw mode, and it smoothens things a lot. I prefer to keep lots of rudders, they do increase maneuvrability, and I want to remain able to evade slow CRAM shells (I like to steer the vessel manually, so the faster, the better Tongue)

Also, you gave me the idea to play a bit with sensors settings (which I never tried before); the increase of accuracy is real, as shows the CES test as it gives extra point for accurate shots. The result is a good increase, from 108 to 120 points with no other change than the PID and a few sensors tweaks. Updating the OP with the new blueprint.