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The Purpose of Flak - Jackson_L - 2017-09-12 06:21 AM

I am baffled by a change implemented in 2.0. Flak shells used to have 2x the radius of HE shells, but now they have 6x the radius. However, explosion radius is still capped at 11m, correct? A single Flak Head reaches a 22m radius explosion at only size 106mm, so it's well beyond the 11m radius with very little investment. What is the point of a Flak shell if its radius is so huge? Is a Flak explosion somehow treated differently than an HE explosion?

RE: The Purpose of Flak - ante185 - 2017-09-12 06:33 AM

FLAK is afaik intended to strip fliers of the delicate stuff they need to fly and making them useless
increasing the blast radius beyond the max limit decreases the damage falloff from the explosion center, so as your blast radius goes up beyond 11m the damage at 11m from the explosion will approach 100%

RE: The Purpose of Flak - Jackson_L - 2017-09-12 07:39 AM

But 2.0 also changed Flak to do 30% of the damage of an HE round, rather than 50%. I'd do more total damage with an HE shell than a Flak shell. Unless Flak is somehow treated differently in the game code than HE (in a way that's hidden from us players) I don't see the use.

RE: The Purpose of Flak - Skyer - 2017-09-12 07:44 AM

But the 11m restriction does not apply to missiles
And AFAIK the flak explosion gets teleported to the closest block in range

RE: The Purpose of Flak - Normal69 - 2017-09-12 08:06 AM

Yepp, like Skyer said, flak searches for an enemy part in the big radius, then make an explosion with the small radius.
Consider it like auto targeting. That's why it's used in anti-missile turrets.

RE: The Purpose of Flak - Jackson_L - 2017-09-12 09:09 AM

Wait, what? I don't understand. What big and small radius are you talking about? I see only one radius associated with flak. Say I have a 60m radius flak shell. Are you saying when the shell detonates, it looks for the closest enemy (not friendly, but enemy) block within 60m, then originates an explosion at full strength on that block, subject to the usual 11m maximum explosion radius?

If so, that's exactly what I was asking about. So flak really does work under different rules than HE. How would I know that as a player? I have seen no indication of this whatsoever in game. Is the only way to have been told by you guys on the forum?

RE: The Purpose of Flak - BioPhoenix - 2017-09-12 09:25 AM

Flak is good for shooting down missiles. Or maybe very small caliber explosive AA where the flak radius ends up being 11m or less.
(2017-09-12 07:44 AM)Skyer Wrote:  And AFAIK the flak explosion gets teleported to the closest block in range

This is a myth, and a very dangerous one at that. Flak explosions are still hard capped to 11m radius against constructs.
As missiles are not constructs they do not require the complex algorithms of explosion propagation, only a distance test, and therefore are not subject to this rule.

RE: The Purpose of Flak - Eagle - 2017-09-12 09:33 AM

It's not a myth, the devs wanted to implement it but it just didn't happen (yet).
But FLAK is indeed at this moment good for shooting down missiles and pretty much nothing else...

RE: The Purpose of Flak - Jackson_L - 2017-09-12 10:13 AM

So then...flak really is just like a normal explosion? No origin-teleporting or anything?

RE: The Purpose of Flak - ABYAY - 2017-09-12 11:12 AM

Flak in its current state is so weak as an AA munition because it is so strong as CIWS. The 11m cap doesn't apply to non-vehicular damage to my knowledge and you get the full radius. This means that a 400mm flak shell has a massive radius and destroys countless missiles coming in. As an anti-vehicle munition, even as an AA gun, it is very lackluster.

I was talking with Scarlet and Khaz about this to where flak could be buffed again while keeping the same general effectiveness against missiles. We all seemed to agree that buffing the armor of missiles would be the best course of action if flak damage is increased. LAMS would generally be unaffected since they would do enough damage and adding AP is rather easy to LAMS setups. However this was all speculation and we are unsure if that change will even be done.