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Tiny inventory problem with names and tooltips - Gladyon - 2017-07-17 04:47 PM

When you select a block, to build the name displayed in the button isn't the same as the name in the block's description.
The name in the button is the 'InventoryOverride' one, while the one in the description is the standard name.

I've also seen that there's no Block Info (the 'GetTechInfo()' method) for the SpinBlock or turrets, because it isn't a block that is displayed, but a 'SubConstruct'.
I noticed that there's something in the 'GetToolTip()' method that seems (if looking very fast) to address that problem, but I'm pretty sure it cannot work as it is.

Is it possible to have some Block Infos also for the 'SubConstruct'?

[edit] I forgot the main issue... it's all me...
The block displayed (the one rotating) is not the good one.
I think (but I haven't investigated...) that it's linked to the fact that it is a SubConstruct and not a block.
Note that if there were a way to 'link' the Subconstruct part and the block part (other than how it is currently done, hardwired in the code), it would be very easy to solve all the problems specific to SubConstructs in the inventory.