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Full Version: Smart shells using target prediction guidance and gun tube ATGM
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Maybe not the most balanced suggestion, but it might be nice for gun-tube style APS shells?

At the back of your shell you could place a rocketeer, and perhaps fuel casings could be added, which reduce muzzle velocity but build it up over time?

Using a nose that is overall very easily detectable and countered with low HP and AP, the shell could use the stabiliser fins to guide itself rudimentarily if the target stays within a small (10-25 degree) cone in front of itself.

I imagine the efficiency of the fins would follow a parabolic curve. At very high or low speeds it would not work well, while only at medium speeds it would perform optimally.
No, No more lagmaking guided things, If someone decides to fire those at 2000RPM it would kill you PC like Missiles do when you launch 200 of them
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