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Full Version: Bomb mantlet for APS
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I've been partial to this idea for a long time, and have got some positive reactions. but it seems that amidst the rest it was quite overlooked - so I'm giving it a little thread here.

For making effective APS bombs, the current option is to cheekily use the ammo ejectors which can lead to somewhat unbalanced deluges of 500 mm shells - nevermind that such is most employed in evasive suicide vehicles.

I myself would love to see a dedicated bomb mantlet for APS cannons. the thing is, is that you can set up perfectly feasible down-facing bomb systems already

The problem is that without dedicated mantlet, you can't make the ai reliably target the bombs in a sensible way, and that this system will only work for pretty much recoilless low velocity shells fired at low altitudes because they are unguided and fired using ACB blocks.

therefore, in the interest of weapon options and feasibility I would propose an APS mantlet similar in function to the CRAM bomb mantlet.

Also, a percussion fuse similar to the cram impact fuse would be welcome for such weapons, as well as a bomb casing

This casing would not be compatible with other casings, but would improve aerodynamics for faster falling
yep, +1
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