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Full Version: Laser beam ioniser - convert damage to EMP
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As said - Emp is pretty much a very niche weapon type currently as it has gone without love for a long while.

Perhaps it would be interesting to add a ray ioniser or somesuch that convert, like a wavefront adjuster, a fraction of the laser damage to EMP damage with a slight damage decrease overall?

the more options the merier yes? And EMP isn't particularily hard to defend against.
The problem is that with the planned energy shield change there already is little difference between PAC and lasers(in terms of gameplay effect, not building process).
EMP does need some love(fix against HA beams, or even a complete algorithm revamp), but if it gets it I think PAC is enough.
Lasers have always been kinetic piercing damage, and I find it annoying, in sci-fi and such when lasers make things explode or cause a large kinetic impact, and I think that in FtD, lasers should remain piercing only, for now.
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