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Full Version: Airships of the First World War
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Because what better way to come back from a long break than to make some snazzy airships inspired by the excellent art of Mike Doscher.

GB Iltis

[Image: vkhADOJ.jpg?1]

Cost: 15,372 RP
Speed: 41 knots
Length: 66 m
Beam: 11 m
6 x 8.8 cm cannon
2 x 5.0 cm cannon

Originally designed as a short-range reconnaissance and airway patrol vessel, the Iltis class gunboat is relatively cheap and has decent firepower for it's size.
Unfortunately the vessel is outdated, only able to fend off the smallest of raiding vessels. The IKS Jaguar was refitted with 10.5 cm cannon, though the rate of fire is lacklustre.


C Gefion

[Image: gt7IDlt.jpg?1]

Cost: 34,345 RP
Speed: 45 knots
Length: 125 m
Beam: 13 m
9 x 10.5 cm cannon
3 x 8.8 cm cannon
6 x 5.0 cm cannon

The last Unprotected Cruiser class vessel to be built, the lack of armour means that the IKS Gefion is cheap, but fragile. Usually assigned to long-range colonial patrols, it's 10.5 cm cannon are capable of a higher rate of fire than other designs.


C Kaiserin Augusta

[Image: WRlOu4M.jpg?1]

Cost: 58,749
Speed: 38 knots
Length: 168 m
Beam: 17 m
6 x 15 cm cannon
10 x 10.5 cm cannon
8 x 8.8 cm cannon
8 x 5.0 cm cannon

Sharing a significant number of design characteristics with the earlier Gefion class, the Kaiserin Augusta class of Protected Cruisers has metal-backed wood on it's broadsides for protection. While limited, this armour allows the Kaiserin Augusta to weather enemy fire and reply with it's own guns far longer than her predecessors. The primary drawback is that it shares the same impeller drive and outboards as the Gefion and with the added size and armour it is a much slower vessel.


All these ships use the following mods:
After Cataclysm
AC Texture Overhaul
Dahak's Adjustment Mods
Turret Heads
That's not what I expected from the title "airships of the first world war".

Not bad though.
Misleading title, but nice builds nonethless.
(2017-11-14 01:06 AM)ComradeGreen Wrote: [ -> ]Misleading title, but nice builds nonethless.

Do you have a better name for them?
I'd say Victorian Style Steampunk Airships
Yea, the title doesn't really even make sense. I'm assuming you have some sort of lore or something on what this "first world war" is, but it's not made clear.

Since there were two real world wars, and airships were used fairly extensively in the first one, people will naturally assume that's what you're referring to.
I'm not sure whenever it was mistaken to put da title like that. Or... did it on purpose to get attention to the viewers... it means us. And >: D ...prepare to release my little "evil" for ya.

[Image: BW9Mllz.png]

" Those tittle ya named to the post are Silly~!"

Forgive me if I'm sounded rude to ya. XD
Well the ships are inspired by Mike Doscher's work, 'Spacecraft of the 1st World War', which is in turn inspired by War of the Worlds. So that's where the name comes from. TL;DR: War of the Worlds happens and humans reverse-engineer Martian anti-grav tech.
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