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Full Version: Resurgence class Heavy Cruiser
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I'm back after quite a break from the forums and I'm back with something big!

The Resurgence class Heavy Cruiser is based upon the Des Moines class, though slightly shorter.
3x3 203mm guns
6x2 127mm guns
40 and 20mm mounts
Mods; AC 2.0, Turret Heads, Deco+
some other ships are also included in those screenshots

not giving out the blueprint just yet
That's an amazing and impressive ship.
Good work!
I'll post the other ships some time soon, the 2 smaller light cruisers are some of my better small work, and my Predread is wonky and kinda silly
wow! I don't think it's possible to build more realistic ships in FtD than these
oh its definitely possible, the people in the rhealistic discord make me seem bad

More pics!
Lamb. Really well done on the looks this! You've really progressed in your building skills! Well done Smile
How well does it do against Neter enemies? Love the Resurgence and the pre dread.
it isn't finished yet, no internals besides the turrets, but the 203mm guns fire at around 6 rounds per minute!
This really look gorgeous :o really well played sir Smile
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