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Full Version: [2.02] Low Level of Detail Distance slider not working.
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In the current patch of 12th of september, 2017 the setting "Low Level of Detail Distance" seem to be having no effect. unless it does something else, the distance where textures are rendering in a lower quality (the dark parts of wood, etc.) seem to be only renering at 50-75m. This is a shame because my pc is strong enough to handle the game well enough and having the textures more dull than usuall is... well.. quite a shame, like I said.
It isnt something gamebreaking.

video settings: Full + Shadows
(also, the video settings in game seem to be resetting to full instead of full + shadows on restart, while the launcher displays full + Shadows.)
The last problem is well known. It is actually more of the game being completely ignorant of the settings actually set, it simply says it is on full by default when in fact it is not.
What do you have degraded mode set to? Degraded mode may be doing something.
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