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Full Version: [UPDATE] Shirakawa-class Cruiser (+ Type3 Torpedo Bomber)
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UPDATE: Original version was missing basically half of its armor. That has been fixed.

UPDATE 2: Type3 Torpedo Bomber blueprint added.

Hi guys, it's been a long time since I've been able to play FtD properly.

This is my first upload for 2.0. I hope you enjoy it, and any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

Shirakawa-class Cruiser
[Image: pfVO4Dp.jpg]

Class: Heavy Cruiser

Unit cost: 213,933 resource units

  • Length: 167m
  • Beam: 17m
  • Draft: 5m
  • Freeboard: 5m
  • Keel to mast height: 40m
  • Volume: 19,483m^3
  • Mass: 8,845 "tons"
  • Block count: 9,204 blocks

  • 4x 334PPF Fuel Engines, 17.6k power each
  • Total output: 70.4k power
  • Top speed: 45 knots (23.2 m/s)

  • 5x 2-gun 280mm HE-Frag turrets, 15 RPM
  • 12x 5-block HE missiles, ~2.5km range, LUA
  • 12x 5-block Frag missiles, ~2.5km range, LUA
  • 20x 4-block HE Torpedoes, 5km+ range, LUA
  • 18x Triple Autocannon Point-Defense turrets
  • 1x Type3 Light Torpedo Bomber (Mostly aesthetic - good against Telemachus?)

  • 3m Metal armor belt
  • 1m Metal deck & other areas
  • 1m Heavy Armor around engines, LAMS, AI, barbettes
  • Full strength 7.5 shields above waterline
  • 40k power continuous LAMS
  • Active pitch, roll, altitude stabilization

Other images:
[Image: NLZRNsn.jpg]
[Image: GYNuENb.jpg]
[Image: kvBfGKS.jpg]
[Image: 1JTVceY.jpg]

I must give a bunch of credit for this build to nalho. The masts and ropes, aircraft catapult and crane are originally from his builds on the Steam Workshop, as are the little autocannon tertiaries which are spammed all around the ship.

Also to ZerothAngel for his Multi-Profile LUA missile script, which makes both LUA missiles and torpedoes possible on one construct.

This ship was designed to have a good balance between aesthetics and functionality. Her design is based mostly on ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy in World War 2. Her capabilities are decent enough - You can take her up against any vessel of the DWG and White Flayers (except Devourer) and expect her to come out on top. She can stand toe-to-toe with similar-sized ships of the Onyx Watch and Steel Striders, as well as the Lightning Hoods and Twin Guard if her shields are switched to Laser Absorb. Just don't expect her to take down a Thyr by herself.
Very nice construct, both wonderfully donewithlots of details and campaign-ready. Quite impressive you managed to keep the cost bellow 200k while fitting so many things onboard, especially this hefty LAMS! I am also impressed at your power plant, both powerful and fuel-efficient.

Only thing I would change (actually, add) is some interior subdivision, as the inner volume is a single volume; all the rest is just great. And I love its IJN style! Big Grin
its like a french tumble home pre dread and the ijn myokou class cruisers had a child with uss new york's turrets amazing work amazing ship
Thank you! Yeah, I originally did not bother at all with compartmentalization because the down-facing thrusters take care of it. Truthfully I don't think she floats on buoyancy because of having such a cramped interior, as well as the heavy armor along the sides of the engine compartment, and what air pumps you find in her are purely vestigial. But this has problems like her sinking without engine power, so I will see what I can do.

The engines I am actually quite proud of. They are my own design, and the idea is since turbos are better with more exhaust, I got all of the exhaust to funnel together in two chains and then go through each turbo on their side. The trade-off is that if one of the exhaust pipes before the turbos is lost, half the efficiency is lost. Normally though, the HA takes care of that.

Also the plane has a tendency to occasionally brush against the surrounding parts of the ship, and apparently hits with enough force to completely disintegrate itself. Over-eager kamikaze pilots I suppose...

So, I'll see what I can do to improve this a bit more. Thanks guys! Big Grin
So I just noticed that in my eagerness to upload this ship, I failed to give her any deck armor as well as the previously mentioned heavy armor! Original post has been updated with the new blueprint, which features 1m deck armor, 1m heavy armor around the engines, LAMS, and AI, and the originally hollow torpedo belt has been filled to solid metal. She should be a lot sturdier now.

EDIT: Also added standalone blueprint for the Type3 plane to main post.
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