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Full Version: first ship
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Hello everyone,i started playing a week ago and i made this ship.

Edit:Improved ship(fuel engine,repair bots,reworked turrets)


2 lasers
Laser defense

Not working:

I tried making a few ships before with APS and CRAM but the APS could not fire and CRAM was really inaccurate.

Please point out all the glaringly obviously mistakes you Vets have found Smile
Q1 you need a munition detector to detect the missiles and an acb controller to fire the flares.
in the acb settings set it so in missiles is within x distance fire weapons. Make sure to set the range so it only effects the flares otherwise all the ships weapons will fire.
Q2 yes. Especially against heat shells
Q3 hydrofoils can be a good way to raise your ship out of the water when it moves. They can depending on how the ship is designed reduce drag and thus increase speed.
Q4 yes your guns cannot aim without. In the designer you can turn off detection for testing but not in the campaign.
you should add some frequency doublers to that laser. Lasers become beast with high ap.
[attachment=46455] first turret cannot turn. Its clipping into the ship and is stuck.

Second turret can turn but you need a weapon controller that can see the turret block. You have one that controls the laser but nothing controlling the turret itself.

[attachment=46456] Your ship is too top heavy when the second turret is turned to broadside it actually rolls the ship over.

Because the center of mass is high and not in line with the rudder you have roll when you turn. If you raise the rudder up by one block or lower the mass you should have almost no roll when turning.

Did some testing. Your ship cant generate enough power to keep that laser at full power. It dropped to 400ish damage with 1 ap. you also dont have enough rtg's to keep your ship at its full power it drops down to 6k from 14k. I would highly recommend with that laser to go fuel engine. Aim for 20k power more would be better.
Thanks, i actually have 2 destabilizers already.
Thanks for the fuel engine tip,reworking turrents.
Edit:updated ship,thanks for comments
nice first attempt
my first ship looked like a vaguely shaped ship that sank if the hull was breached
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