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Full Version: [2.0+] No windowed mode for higher resolutions
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Ever since 2.0 I can't select anything higher than 1366x768 for windowed mode. Even going in game and using the menu does nothing it seems.

I have an UXGA (1600x1200) display and I often play in 1600x1024 windowed just because I alt tab frequently.
I have always left the launcher in windowed mode at lower than max res & used BorderlessGaming to maximise that window - if I go in video options after it's got at FtD then apparently I'm supposedly at 1920x1080 fullscreen, but I can click away from FtD without it minimising & drop windows in front of it, so it's obviously not actually fullscreen. Annoyingly there is a unity commandline flag to make unity windows borderless which the game seems to completely ignore.
If you start ftd at whatever resolution in windowed mode, then maximize, and then go check in the options inside ftd, it should be the correct(higher) resolution. But yeah, I can't select 2560x1440 on mine for windowed either.
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