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Full Version: Yet another APS-Collection
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#Update 1
-Added 2 new turrets
-Fixed the 36mm gun

In the past few weeks I have created the one or other APS-turret and this time I have also brought some screenshots!

4Guns x 5Barrels x 100mm x 322rpm
9x9x6 with 3x3x2 gap and turretcap
[Image: VrA5EnG.jpg]

1Gun x 1Barrel x 400mm x ?rpm
7x7x6 with 1x1x2 gap and no turretcap
[Image: SRCXEll.jpg]

1Gun x 2Barrels x 250mm x 75rpm
7x7x5 with 1x1x3 gap and no turretcap
[Image: TnPimeZ.jpg]

1Gun x 5Barrel x 100mm x 322rpm
9x9x4 with 1x1x3 gap and turretcap
[Image: dOCbqVT.jpg]

2Guns x 1Barrel x 400mm x ?rpm
9x9x5 with 3x3x3 gap and turretcap
[Image: zgHgYfp.jpg]

1Gun x 5Barrel x 150mm x ?rpm
9x9x5 with 1x1x3 gap and turretcap
[Image: aBni4jj.jpg]

1Gun x 1Barrel x 500mm x 110rpm
9x9x6 with 1x1x3 gap and no turretcap
[Image: QrbgwGM.jpg]

2Guns x 1Barrel x 500mm x 26rpm
11x11x5 with 3x3x3gap and turretcap
[Image: dRpHwaU.jpg]

1Gun x 6Barrels x 100mm x 322rpm?
5x5x4 with 1x1x2 gap and turretcap
[Image: bt7ZdAn.jpg]

#10 worse than #9, but more consistent
1Gun x 6Barrels x 100mm x 153rpm
5x5x5 (bigger than 9) with 1x1x1 gap and turretcap
[Image: QBdZtEq.jpg]
#11 Anti-Munition (on a two axis turret)
1Gun x 1Barrel x 400mm x 18rpm
3x3base - 7x5 secondlayer. Put it on a light block for maximum effectiveness.
[Image: J82j8mi.jpg]

1Gun x 1Barrel x 400mm x 195rpm
7x7x7 with 1x1x1 gap and turretcap
[Image: Bt0hy26.jpg]

1Gun x 6Barrels x 36mm x ~100rpm
[Image: lkk5y9n.jpg]

Id love to get some feedback on anything, but especially on the dakka itself!
I feel like all these turrets are quite underwhelming, except #12 (even though it is quite inaccurate :I ).
My very initial impressions, after downloading the raft and eye-balling the designs (I am by NO MEANS an APS expert!):

These are some very compact designs. I love the fact they almost all have at least a 2M 'neck' between the firing piece and the 'below decks' workings. Makes for easier armoring up at deck level when dropped into a ship.

These are the first designs (That I can remember) that use an odd number of modules (3 modules instead of four or even in some guns I've seen, two). It's interesting to me to see purposefully build 3 and 5 module shells instead of 4/6/8 like 99% of designs.

Your shell composition also shows some very 'meta' choices that I love, like shells with smoke built in to slow down LAMS and laser detection equipment, as well as big flak shells that can strip said detection equipment or even pop missiles that are close to their launch pads when the shells come screaming in.

I will mount some on my testbed platform later and give further opinions.... but I like what I see so far, nice work!
Yea, since none of the turrets have any kind of ejectors, they will explode as soon as their outer defence is breached;
And as far as I have experienced frag shells are the least damaging to your own vehicle and very good when fired at the enemy!

Adding to that I would say that:
-HEAT is GREAT against shields if the enemy isnt too heavily armored/layered/spaced
-Sabot/AC is insane against everything unshielded and very good on submarines
-Flak is only good against missiles or in very very big shells for stripping detection equipment
-HESH seems like a stronger version of HEAT IF it gets through, but seems to be hardcountered by shields
-a smokeround from time to time should be mandatory against most vehicles
-Normal HE shells are pretty useless

Also I tried to get as much out of the beltfed/1m loaders as possible, hence why the shells are a a bit odd Tongue

Also also I have added the vehicle on which I have mounted one of those 400mm cannons to this Post if you want to check that out; It is 40k-ish res. and flies above most enemies, raining the quite inaccurate shells down on them... Its weak against small vehicles and ammo regen (when out of ressource).

Thanks for your feedback though!
I found a bit of time despite being at work to test out that qaud firing piece 100mm 'gatling'. Loaded with pure Hesh/Squash head rounds and then spawned in one of my favorite test dummies: a DWG Marauder.

Good lords that ship MELTED. I didn't even go out of my way to aim for the weak spots, just held down CTRL and **hosed** it down in HESH.

Next up, an Onyx Watch Kingstead. A single sustained burst (basically went until the belt-feeders were obviously exhausted) did something like 5-7% damage to that giant ship, and a LOT of that was sheered off barrels and popped turrets. Even at 100mm, that MANY shells and HESH fragments is messy.

A new Kingstead and this time I aimed for the broadside weak spot (if you aim for the 'paddle wheel' area at certain angles it leads to the AI core) and the result was one AI dead Kingstead in slightly less then one full 'burst' of focused fire.

I am mildly annoyed that the feeders rund ry so quickly.. but also amused that they reload full-up again just as swiftly.

Two thumbs way, way up. Good gun
2Guns x 6Barrels x 150mm x ~107rpm
5x5x7 with 3x3x1 gap and turretcap
[Image: 0lHZMZO.jpg]

2Guns x 6Barrels x 150mm x 125rpm
7x7x5 with 3x3x3 gap and turretcap
[Image: XijMBOk.jpg]
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