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Full Version: Junkyard brawlers
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(please note that this is not a tournament but rather just a place where you can submit for the heck of it).

This thread seeks to supply bored people with the ability to watch various vehicles of sorted out tiers group up into teams and go at it.

Vehicles may use any building materials but they must look unmodern and somewhat trashy. Think of it as mad max/dwg and generally impractical Component placement, coupled with all the glory of vehicular rumble.

The idea is to not make the most powerful design but to make the most charming trashmachine you possibly can. A vehicle sporting crazy weaponry may only be glorious if it is equally ugly looking (aesthetics wise and not meta brick wise).

There is no contest award as this is mainly for the sake of following a general theme. It can also help vehicle designers find new ways to apply blocks of which they usually apply in pretty areas, in ugly areas that do not look bricky.

The vehicles may only use aps guns with ammo feeders attached directly to the firing piece, so no autoloaders.
you may still add gauge increasers and other Components as long as they help you trashify the vehicle to its maximum trashyness.

A vehicle's tier is represented by it´s volume so tier one is bellow 100 volume and tier 2 is bellow 200 etc.
This means attention to detail is highly appriceated.

as an example here's a very basic design that isnt much in terms of aesthetics and pretty uglyness but it should get the job done:

[Image: ZJvMUO2.jpg]
Still pondering on cram restrictions. I intended this to have somewhat of a middle to long TTK as to give puny designs some survival time.
may also remove the restriction on autoloaders as long as the firing rate matches the streamlined scaling reload time of direct fed guns.

And yes, simple weapon autoguns are so far allowed!.
So no ships allowed?

If there are no ships allowed maybe there could be a separate battle thing for all the ships that people may/may not post.
Here is my currently nameless car.
[Image: ecoqgPnh.jpg]
(2017-08-14 12:59 AM)Paintminer Wrote: [ -> ]So no ships allowed?

If there are no ships allowed maybe there could be a separate battle thing for all the ships that people may/may not post.

Well, ships on Wheels would by all means work (if they look worn down)
Although i did not plan on including actuall floating ships.

Should however something like this take of i or maybe someone else could make a more styling thread both for tanks and ships.
Speaking of which, i may need to make this post a bit more stylish and defined.
This is a old Vanguard that was attacked by raiders.
The raiders patched it up with whatever they could find, added some weapons, put some skis and jet engines on it, and broke many safety laws.
(Note: stable flotation in water not guaranteed due to a large hole in the boat)
[Image: Cn1MIP1.jpg]
[Image: uhMnCPg.jpg]

It is tier 6.

PS: A good rust color is R:1.00 G:0.40 B:0.05 I:0.25

PSS: I think the tier requirements should be changed.
Current tier requirements:
1: 0-99 blocks
2: 100-199 blocks
3: 200-299 blocks

I think perhaps that tiers should increase every 200 or 250 blocks instead of every 100 blocks.
Or maybe it's fine the way it is. I guess we won't know until we start getting more designs.
I fixed up the broken car you get in the campaign.
[Image: sc8rOuT.jpg]
[Image: 2vLF0SM.jpg]

It is tier 1.
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