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Full Version: Auratus Fleet BP Dump
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I'm a little bit bored and down with a case of builder's block, so I thought I may as well post a bp dump on here and maybe get some feedback/inspiration.
(I'm only posting my recent and relevant bps because I have 1200 hours of old bps sitting in a folder...)
Included with each bp will be a description of each vessel along with pictures.

I'm going to post my ships first, then dump a bunch of other stuff tomorrow, then post more stuff as I make it.


Starting small, we have the Leopard Gecko Mk II, my missile corvette. I don't really use it much in the campaign, but it's still a nice little vessel.
[Image: AH2c31y.jpg]

Then its bigger sibling, the Anole Mk III. This is a long range support ship that uses LAMS (that really need to be updated) and railguns to help out fleets.
[Image: ZnKKAe1.jpg]

Going into cargo, here's the Chameleon Mk III, my little cargo hauler. It has an opening deck with a whole bunch of resource containers underneath. It's capable of holding 232000 resource and moving at 22 m/s.
I'm not super happy with some of the detailing on this, especially at the front, but I still think it's pretty cute.
[Image: ZjpDz7q.jpg]

Then my battlecruiser, the Auratus. It's the largest ship I've built, and will probably never be finished due to my laziness regarding shields, but it fights well nonetheless.
Since I built this thing around the guns, there's a lot I'm not happy with. The proportions make it look rather silly, and it's very rod-like from a top-down perspective.
[Image: QdQGKf6.jpg]

The final ship I'm going to put in here is not quite done. It's my attempt at making a somewhat more realistic ship. The Basilisk Mk II is a multipurpose cruiser that makes use of railguns as well as a scary anti-air quad APS turret.
I'm pretty happy with how this thing is turning out, and the only thing left to do is a superstructure. It should be fairly obvious that I avoid superstructures in many of my ships, and I'm sort of intimidated by them, so I leave them for last.
[Image: FD8uZmA.jpg]
One cool thing about the ship is its prop setup as well as it's fake working rudders.
[Image: MEN49rE.jpg]

So, that's all the ships I have to show off; I hope you like them, and I much appreciate any opinions on things I can change/add. I'm probably going to post the rest of my stuff to this thread tomorrow.
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