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Full Version: Lasers one shotting my 2000mm 15 cram shell volley
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Faced an Abyss today with my ship. I could do littraly nothing against it, it took out my missile swarm in seconds and my cram shells were not even close to the target. Took out my Ai in less than 30 seconds and I was left dead. How the hell do you counter this? I could add smoke but I still wouldnt do damage when lasers are taking out my missiles and cram shells?? Help please
Railguns. too fast for the AI to keep up, and do not use HE for CRAM/ Missiles since HE splash radius will damage the said projectiles
Well, smoke or laser absorb shields are a good start. If you want to do any kind of cram armament when fighting even remotely LAMS oriented vehicles, you are going to have to saturate the area with it, like 30+ shells at once. Also, them detonating next to each other deals damage, so maybe staggering might be a good option. Engage from short range. Use the flash absorber. Missiles, as they are, don't stand a chance. Otherwise, use high velocity APS.
The wording on the previous posts are kinda confusing, note that CRAM shells do not chaindetonate.
If LAMS is a concern flash suppressor barrels help CRAMs out a bit(the 200mish detection range is very noticeable).
Otherwise the answer is simply firing more shells at once, although defending against 15 already needs a bigass lams.

Missiles are pretty bad at getting through defenses, that's just the way it is for now.
You need to fire a lot of them with very little delay(optimally ~40/sec) for a decent hitrate.
If you are on the stable version do not use HE warheads on missiles, they are totally useless when LAMS is involved.

To defend against lasers:
- put important components below water
- add 1 layer of smoke
- add 1 layer of laser shielding(combined with water or smoke it needs practically no energy)
Combining any 2 of the above 3(except 2xsmoke, it doesn't stack with itself against wavefronts) should be enough to reduce lasers to a slight annoyance.
The exception to missiles being bad at getting through defenses is at close to super-close ranges with ejector-propelled or inertia-inheriting APN-guided gliderdarts or magnet-guided grenade mines.
For defense against lasers you can try a Hickory smoke dispenser if you are not using your own LAMS; laser shield spam is your only defense against wavefront lasers though. For LAMS suppression the best shell I've found is a 200mm GP-GP-Bleeder-Timed-Smoke, which can be fired belt-fed from a four-barrel gun with maximum gauge increase. If you're in Stable you can also spam mid-caliber kinetic shells, as the LAMS will lock onto them and do absolutely nothing to them, thus seriously draining its energy, but that's a bit of an exploit.
Yeah the Abyss has one of the biggest laser systems of any faction in the game, so it is to be expected that it mangles anything it can fire upon. You can suppress enemy LAMS using smoke cannons, those will help your CRAM shells and missiles last longer, and others have mentioned the flash suppressor barrel for CRAMs which significantly lowers their detection range to munition warners.

Caution though, using smoke will cause most if not all tracker systems you have to lose their lock on the target, so you should see a decrease in accuracy when using those. Bright side, the Abyss has a massive sonar signature, and sonar has pretty good stats.
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