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Full Version: Design submissions + workshop disclaimer
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If you' ve played the campaign and got a jolly tubby to submit for use with one of the factions, feel free to drop it here in a post.

Please list the toughest designs of each faction it can beat on it' s own, name, armament, and resource cost.

I will then try to test and include/judge it as soon as possible. Only designs that roll with all the limits imposed by the campaign are liable for selection.

As for workshop designs present; I use these on the unspoken understanding that the users who posted them are okay with their use in this campaign until stated otherwise. As such; If you are not feeling okay with one of your designs being used in this campaign in this liberal fashion, please send me a Pm or post in this thread your workshop name and the name of the design you wish to see removed from the campaign.

It will be my business to set about it immediately. Thank you for your understanding.
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