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Full Version: Design submissions + workshop disclaimer
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If you' ve played the campaign and got a jolly tubby to submit for use with one of the factions, feel free to drop it here in a post.

Please list the toughest designs of each faction it can beat on it' s own, name, armament, and resource cost.

I will then try to test and include/judge it as soon as possible. Only designs that roll with all the limits imposed by the campaign are liable for selection.

As for workshop designs present; I use these on the unspoken understanding that the users who posted them are okay with their use in this campaign until stated otherwise. As such; If you are not feeling okay with one of your designs being used in this campaign in this liberal fashion, please send me a Pm or post in this thread your workshop name and the name of the design you wish to see removed from the campaign.

It will be my business to set about it immediately. Thank you for your understanding.
To submit a Design of your own making, please post the following, and offer only 1 design per post;

1) design name
2) volume & cost
3) faction themed? (for Oikos, habsburg, etc)
4) Land or naval design?
5) roughly, armament or the deadliest foe it has beaten in the campaign.
6) your workshop name (if applicable) for the contributor's list.
I decided to make an attempt for OW-ish tank for Mainland forces

So i made Jackal


Volume - 1837
Block count - 1130
Type - Assault Tank
Cost - 16k material

Combat performance :
AI behaviour - Broadside combat
Armour - Mostly steel, air gapped threads (Which serve as a armour)
Weapon - Single 1000mm HE CRAM (26 AP,+- 7000 explosion damage, fires every 6.98 seconds)
Engines - 2 small RTG's
Utility - No ammo makers, has few repair bots
Weakness - Shields, Heavy armour, multiple opponents

Combat achievements
Sentinel - Couldnt beat but managed to destroy its ammo and part of its hull
Infantry Platoon - Beaten with more than 99% HP
Merrimack - Jackal beat Merrimack with 100% HP remaining, for some reason Merrimack didnt fought back, Jackal weakness to shields has shown up, but he managed to circle the target at 16 m/s and blow its backside and then proceed to gut it.
Fairbail - Jackal beat this unit with 99% HP remaining, also this unit refused to move
War Wagon - Jackal beat this unit with 100% HP, the shere blast shockwave unstabilized this unit and it went out of control, being incapable of fighting back
Fire Syphon - Jackals wins inconsistently, but is capable of beating this unit if he lands a lucky shoot directly to the cannon.
Land Galley - Jackal beats this unit with 98% HP left, although due to this mediaeval unit having futuristic shields, sheer RNG helped him in penetration.
Yusra - Jackal wins
Deset Lion - Nuked itself once Jackal hit one of its turrets.

(Uses appropriate factional FC)

[Image: LMCrqXP.jpg]

[Image: 9hXaP5E.jpg]
Whoops, only noticed this here now!

Well, I obviously can't go in game to check it out right now (see my pc-related whining elsewhere), but the effort is appreciated.

Even compared to the few OW vehicles in game, it does seem a bit high tech though, no? Maybe fix some boilers, pipes and baroque ornaments on it?
I dont feel like i could improve anything by slapping more details on it.
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