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V 1.0 was attained on 13/07/17 with completion of all originally intented land and naval factions.

At this point; the factions have the following amount of designs available:

Manduela: 18
Emirates: 20
Limburg: 15
Eyre: 22
Habsburg: 21
Oikos: 17

Western land: 13
Emirates land: 7
Oikos Land: 9

The campaign map is fully playable with HQ' s, victory conditions, resource zones, diplomacy etc.

As of this Version 1.0, the campaign is fully playable and in release state.

Further development will include the addition of an asian themed faction, bugfixes and resolving other issues, and lastly the addition of an Aztec flavoured ballooncraft faction.

Amongst stretch goals that I set for myself when embarking upon this project; Adventure mode is ready and playable, though untested by myself and up for future overhauls.
And land forces are present and ready.

Currently the main effort is directed at finishing the Cathayan naval and land forces. After that, I' ll try to crank all factions up to 20 designs at least.

I intend to hit two birds with one stone by designing all these forces throughout my own playtest of the campaign.

I will add further posts with changelogs and version numbers here. Be sure to read later posts as they will in the future more accurately present the state of this custom campaign.
Okay, first update in a while.

I've been playing from the depths only on and off, and even then not always for working on my campaign; however, about 6 Cathay designs have been made ready so far. That is 1/2 or 1/3 of the end goal for their naval forces so far.

That much asides, not much else has been done. I will try to remember to tweak crowhaven so that it mines the starting zone to full effect; rather than only partially, leaving the player unable to expand initial mining effectively due to the volume limit the harbour town exceeds.
added 3 ironclads to zuid limburg, added the first 6-5 cathay designs to the designer as a preview. got notified of more trouble, will see about fixing that tonight or tomorrow.
Development will be stalled for a while now I'm afraid.
The past month has been mainly dedicated to my studies and taking a little time to explore games other than from the depths. A few days ago I tried to run the game, but it seems recent updates have sort of broken it for my old, old 32-bits linux pc.

I might be able to get a new computer later this year (optimistic estimate: end of autumn), and I will be eager to resume progress then. I have backup up my profile and campaign development progress, and I will take note of further issues as they are reported here.

I hope this unfortunate situation will not prevent you from enjoying the campaign as it stands right now.
I am especially gratefull for the critical opinions and required fixes that have already been brought to my attention here.

Smooth sailing!
So... Being out of development while I really want to be working on this has made me funnel my ambitions a little into thinking a lot about what else I want to do with this campaign. I opened up a little poll in the steam workshop page to see if people really take oustanding issue with the way some things currently are.

Also, I've been thinking about what else I can add to improve the campaign.
As of now, I think I want all faction to at least reach 20 designs. and with possible exception of Jawhallia, at least 25. For ships only, this should be a doable goal over the course of the next academic period. this will also give me a chance to pack 7 more ships into the manduela faction, that I can make a little meaner-than average.

since we have a solid core of normal line of battle ships, these addons could be a little more goofy too ...

After all the naval stuff is once again sorted out, I might turn to land a little again. When I last finished the land designs I was burning out quickly due to the crazed pace I was taking after the exam period. I might want to add and overhaul a few things there too. Mrvec has pointed out some issues with the whole mixed land/navy thing and spawn rates. If he'd like to comment further as stuff crops up that'd certainly be welcome.

Once all the land forces have their 15-20 designs, and the cosmetics are still all okay. Than it could be time to turn to making about 5 airships for each faction. Than to make the dedicated carribean airship faction.

I have also thought, that this project might be more than I alone can handle. I am just a lone guy with 950 hours in game and no notion of building optimised stuff, so I might want to try and ask around to see if no-one wants to make some nice and cool age of sails ships. Consider this your que. I've come some end with this campaign, but I think that with aid it could be far more better than I alone can make it.

I will of course also have to keep up to date with further patches and overhauls. This might prove to be the biggest pain yet towards the future. but we will see.

I'm starting to jammer and gibber like and old lady now though, so I'll just shut up and plan ahead ...
And I haven't really played it a lot, so I'm doing it in part for the community that likes sails and stuff.
from steam workshop page:

Surprise Update!
Got hold of a friend's (who recently finished his studies) school laptop - it's a hunk of junk but will at least allow me to continue working on this.
I immediately pushed all the ships and changes that were in the pipeline, and fixed some outstanding issues

V 1.01:
added to MR:
-Tercio, large line of battle ship
-Carthagena, large line of battle ship
-Vasco Da Gama, turreted line of battle ship

added to ZL:
-Jan Van Gent (ironclad)
-Ijzervreter (ironclad ship of the line)
- Moeraal (steamer)
-Malloot (gunboat)
- Beatrix (ironclad ship of the line)
-Geus (steamer)
-Bergerac (ironclad)

-inquisitorial ship, santa madonna, al antonio regno all less eager to keel over
-Santisma trinidad less eager to ammo nuke itself
I've nearly beaten the manduela faction. Once I do so, I will add the 3/4-odd ships I built to wack them to their designs list.

I've got a few busy academic weeks coming up. but I'll try to work at this when I can.

We also reached 300 subscribers :hoorray:

added the
to the MR

to the HB

modified a small amount of adventure mode spawn chances for larger designs, made the weakest smallest designs of all faction slightly less likely to spawn, and decreased most weak-regular designs fleet spawn points by 1 or 2.

Enemy fleets should now be of about the same size, but with netto more strong designs.
In two days I will leave for Cartagena on an academic studying journey. I can take my laptop with me to continue progress, but I can't upload any changes untill I am back roughly the week after tuesday.

I hope you will all make do as things stand now!
Apparently I had set up the victory conditions in a very odd way. I got notified on the steam forums that defeating any faction meant a game over.

This has been fixed now!

Mind you, I have spent some time wrecking and building from the ground up my Neter oldschool revamp map, putting Imperium a bit on the back foot.

But this does not mean it isn't being worked on! As soon as I'm notified of further issues, it is a top priority to immediately fix them. In the meanwhile, I still have my saves from in the campaign, to continue my own playthrough.
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