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Full Version: Introducing the Factions
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First thread of the new subforum, yay!

I'll start by making clear who all the factions in the custom campaign are in (roughly) ascending order of difficulty.

Naval Factions:

1: The Manduelan Regency

these are related to high rennaiscance Spain; They are the tutorial faction you start out at war with. Their list of designs mostly encompasses all of the generic line of battle ships, with a few exceptions. This means small carvels, all the way up to first rates.

Historically (in the campaign), they have just lost a great Armada against the Eyre, which was sent to beat the rising power back to its shores. Along with losing their conquered province of Limburg to an insurection, they are very much licking their wounds now. Nice prey for the bidding player.

Their main HQ produces special fleets called the "grand armada" which it will hurtle at the player. This fleet consists of a swathe of the biggest designs they have.

2: Zuid Limburg

Because who doesn't love south Limburg? Cool
These have a large selection of unique designs, proportional to their generic ones. These mainly consist of fat-bellied Fluytships, trading galleons, and overgunned line of battle ships. They will soon enough get their own small selection of confederate riverfaring ironclads to be further spiced out.
Their main strength is the massive amount of guns for their size; they pack some serious firepower. they also spawn in slightly larger numbers. They are on the whole not extremely powerful however.

3: Oikos Olicarchy

A large faction of oar-propelled battleship galleys, lightning rays and ancient-greece-with-guns goodieness. They have a dedicated custom campaign.
While they pack a serious punch, they also have quite a bit of staying power. they have 2 ships, which fire a spray of yellow tracer shells to simulate fire barges. Nasty!
I rank them in the middle below the Eyre and Habsburg out of designer's estimate, as I have never actively fought them myself Blush

They have a large number of different galley designs, a set of ports that function as faction HQ's, and a serious amount of resource rings.

4: The Commonwealth of the Eyre

The British equivalent; except in this campaign it's mostly Scottish and Irish. I do not have much to add here, as this faction uses all of the Neter Onyx watch sailing ships. Boring? Lazy? Maybe, but
1) I am Belgian, I can't be bothered.
2) I think those cool ships deserve a cooler place in the spotlights than what Neter has on offer for them.

As such, they pack a mean punch compared to my own designs; they are after all made by proffesional seasoned builders. Still, they should not pose a massive threat mid-late game.

5: The Habsburg Empire

Ze Germans, ja?

These occupy the northern seas next to the Eyre. They have a small share of basic line of battle ships; But their real splendour and power lies in the massive floating gothic fortresses and abbeys and castles they bring to bear. They have a lot of designs, and I really went overboard designing them. They have serious staying power, and some of the biggest ships in the whole of the campaign.

6: The Emirates of Jawhallia

I rank these highest up in power, simply because these use most of the pre-dreadnought ironclades available on the workshop. They will be seriously tanky and will have a big amount of guns to show for it!
Currently, I consider them to be a sort of end-game faction.

Land Factions:

1: The Oikos mainland forces

They have a big selection of pagan dais-constructs, a rammer, and some battle temples. They should not be overly hard to beat for a player who knows the ropes. They occupy the land tiles historically belonging to the Oikos city states

2: The emirates of Jawhallia

A selection of cool multi-turret industrial era tanks, next to mobile fortress constructs and war minarets. They also have a mean other unit Tongue

3: The mainland defense forces

The generic faction that occupies all of western nation's land tiles.
They have a lot of steamtanks. and rolling castles. And some of these are big and mean...

Concept factions:

Still in an unfinished or planned state, these are not yet present in the campaign.

1: Cathay

An asian themed faction with Junks, Bunes, Dhows and Xebecs, and turtle ships. What I am currently working on

2: The Jaguar tribes <- awful placeholder name

A domain of ethnically related aztec-inca city states in a region to be added on the left side of the map, evoking the carribean. Distrusting the fickle waters of the atlantic oceaan, they take to the sky in aztec/native american flavoured balloonships. O goodey.

Still in concept phase.
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