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Full Version: First "Functioning" Craft
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I have this awful cruiser that happens to be my 3rd or 4th craft. I only have around 50 hours so far. I ripped off 2 different kinds of turrets and one engine, as component design isn't my forte. You can see that I've attempted to shape the hull this time, and a proper bow has been installed. I still have yet to construct a bridge, and I actually do need one as my craft's CoM is way too far forwards with both turrets there. I'll add the blueprint as soon as I figure out how to do that if any of you kind fellows would like to attempt to fix the smorgasbord of issues plaguing my pathetic hunk of junk I call a boat.
Armaments- Two 7x7 APS FRAG autocannons, an APS deck gun shooting 10RPM FRAG HEAT (i think), 20 4 block EMP/FRAG missiles, 16 6 block FRAG missiles.
Currently no smoke, missile interceptors, radar/sonar buoys, or proper armor, only CIWS
Lastly, I've almost figured out the PID Pitch but it's finicky and I don't really know what I'm doing.
oh and i figured out the blueprint
edit: blueprint of better ship with bridge
The hull is better built than any of my ships...

I have 400h in the game :I
I do like it so far but my only criticism is that the hull is to narrow
That's amazing how after only 50 hours of playtime you are already messing around with PID Systems I didn't even start touching them until at least 600 hours into the game. That is pretty fast learning on your part. but if your ship needs a pid system to help with its pitch you should try and look for a better hull desighn which eliminates the need for one.
(2017-07-16 08:58 PM)jihad-teppo Wrote: [ -> ]The hull is better built than any of my ships...

I have 400h in the game :I

I have the hull in smaller sections as a prefab and a blueprint if anyone wants to use it for their own boats, the empty hull looks far better than my boat. I'll probably use this craft for early DWG and just build a better craft with what I've learned

Oh, another thing about this hull is that the bottom section where it tapers off into a V is called the bilge, you keep it full of water and you can store ammo there. If you're going to copy paste the hull sections just remember to move the lead I put in the bottom to the CoM
Added an extra wooden deck to float and balance the ship passively, added detection systems, added bridge.
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