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Full Version: Mexican Empire (WWI-Modern Era) Now with more tenk
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Decided to switch the thread to also include land based units (and as such includes the Imperial Army AND Navy) and decided I might as well go into the modern era to include a little thing I made in literal minutes)

(2017-04-02 10:48 AM)UnderTrack Wrote: [ -> ]@people that uses the AC railings, here's hotfix until rhea updates the OP :

- Wireless bulwaks and railings (alloy and metal) now works
- Mirroring bugs fixed (31, 32, 47)

AC: Railings 1.1.1 Hotfix

As you may or may not have seen in skratchR's amazing Iberian Imperial Navy thread, I completely ran out of ideas and said he inspired me to build up a proper navy for the Mexican Empire.

So here it goes!

(I don't have any lore or anything, but if anyone wants to write some then go right ahead!)


Tenochtitlan-Class Battleship

[Image: DK6S1R6.jpg]

Baja California-Class Heavy Cruiser

[Image: aeRenBt.jpg]

Sonora-Class AA Frigate

[Image: Wnql79i.jpg]

Hidalgo-Class Destroyer

[Image: PUf3RFX.jpg]

Quetzal-Class Aircraft Carrier

[Image: Iu6Vxwt.jpg]

XCQ-2 Naval Fighter

[Image: PlzCwZl.jpg]

Guerrero-Class Training Battleship

[Image: 0tbMhTl.jpg]
Sonora-Class Frigate
Namesake: The northwestern state of Sonora, Mexico

Lenght: 85m
Beam: 11m
Height: 30m (counting from the bottom of the hull to the top of the mast)
(Resource cost: 27965)

4x3 25mm autocannon mounts
2x4 40mm Bofors autocannon mounts
4x .50 cal Browning Machineguns
2x 20mm Orelikon autocannons

As you can see the ship has absolutely no anti ship cannons, as it was built purely for AA and anti patro boat roles, but it might be able to take on ships of similar size to itself.

[Image: Wnql79i.jpg]

[Image: ebEsDGM.jpg]

[Image: VCQTAZI.jpg]

[Image: Tgg5NJ0.jpg]

[Image: cfX2Dv4.jpg]
Oh my god it's so cute! I love it! You should make the deck 25mm into flak 88s
Oh, good idea! Might make that into a subclass since I kinda like the full autocannon ship.

Also fun fact, this is the smallest ship I've ever built.
Wait... how long is it? And who would Mexico have sided with if they joined, because you can use the 88 or the British version
Assuming the Mexican Empire never really fixed relations with the US, they'd definitely have accepted Germany's offer during WWI, so take a wild guess.

Also it's 85m long.
Hermosillo, a Sonora-Class Frigate

The second ship of the of the Sonora-Class.

Namesake: Hermosillo, Sonora's capital.

Same as Sonora class, except two of the triple 25mm cannon mounts have been replaced by 88mm cannons.

[Image: ANAsxX3.jpg]

[Image: TLJcFas.jpg]

[Image: 4mghV4p.jpg]
so this is WW1 or WW2?, plus us, got any blue prints you wanna sauce me?
(2017-04-21 01:42 AM)Unleashedfury25 Wrote: [ -> ]so this is WW1 or WW2?, plus us, got any blue prints you wanna sauce me?

I'm mixing pre-WWI to WWII ships in.

I wasn't going to up blueprints yet, but since you asked here's the Hermosillo (since it actually has the fixes i wanted to do to Sonora)

Oh and keep in mind, they're not built for actual fighting, some stuff isn't fully functional.
Off to a good start, looking forward to what's to come.
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