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Full Version: CRAM Cannon Tetris?
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Hey all,

What is the best way to tetris cram cannons to achieve the best density/packing time?

What about if there are multiple barrels on a single turret, is there a slightly different way that they should be tetrised in, so that I use the space available inside the turret in the best way possible?

Thanks in advance
Generally, you want to connect each of the pellets to the most amount of autoloaders possible - the best possible tetris is to have each pellets block connected to 3 autoloaders. Turret designs become better if you try to make them taller instead of wider. Managing multiple firing pieces is another issue entirely - FTD doesn't like it when Firing Pieces share components, requiring you to isolate each CRAM barrel's systems.

It's not really feasible to try to get 100% density in a reasonable time. Furthermore, the effect of packing exponentially decreases. Most CRAMs try to be ready to fire at 20-30% density. This presents the best DPM for CRAMs, as two shots at 25% can be better than a single 100% shot, and you can fire them much more quickly.
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