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Full Version: Post your fleet propaganda poster!
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^what title said,

Share yours below and show us the glory of your fleet!

i'll begin with mine:

[Image: cml8DGU.jpg]

[Image: m89jOkM.jpg]

[Image: rDLJtIr.jpg]

[Image: F7uwoVX.jpg]
oh mih got that eyecandy
Eagle Industries presents:

[Image: AGmX72Z.jpg]

[Image: G0ae7Zy.jpg]

[Image: TCjXIy4.jpg]

Three sections in this fleet:

Forward V-wing
Main battle group
- Overlord (Center)
Left wing from center to far left:
- Aegis
- Superiority
- Conquest
Right wing from center to far right:
- Themis
- Intrepid
- Supremacy

[Image: G1ajDsU.jpg]

Center V-wing
Support group
- Poseidon (Center)
Left wing from center to far left:
- Triton
- Spearfish
Right wing from center to far right:
- Neptune
- Cobra
[Image: Z569mQd.jpg]

Aft V-Wing
Logistics group
- Freightmaster (Center-Front)
- Galaxy (Center-Middle)
- Pioneer (Center-Rear)
Left wing from center to far left:
- Liberty
- Walrus
Right wing from center to far right:
- Prospector
- Surveyor

[Image: ElyjY0B.jpg]

Not included in the fleet overview:
Sub division:
- Stingray
- Bluefin
- Orka

Air division:
- H3 Butcher
- H4 series
- S1 Shield
*looks at fleets posted*
*looks at ships in fleet*
What the hell, may as well post my fleet here
[Image: zjTQ0xr.jpg]
[Image: t20lL2z.jpg]
[Image: xj1JEsP.jpg]
(and yes, those are retrofitted Riverhomes and Atlases)
Doing the strange thing is fun, I dunnow this is propaganda or something, for fun posting... here we go... naval propaganda, part 1.

[Image: J5lEGGb.png]
Sure, why not![Image: 6DF3222966B46E8684796949EBA25191CF968FB9]

[Image: BFBDB3972841F730804ED512EC44B5076501CD96]

[Image: 462122E9A23285C76F259337841EB5588271CA9E]
All my naval vehicles. I might do my aircraft at some point.
List of vehicles
Small ship with single barrel CRAMS: Medusa Corvette, the smallest ship in the fleet.
Small ship with twinbarrel crams on far left and far right: Spark Frigate. The most used ship I have, and also the oldest.
Medium ship with miniguns: Scorpio destroyer. Provides heavy AA and support. I posted this on the forum a while back.
Large ship with twinbarrel crams at the far right: Krait medium cruiser. A fleet leader for the Sparks and Medusas.
Large ship with quadbarrel CRAMs: Paladin heavy cruiser. Current flagship of the navy, until my carrier is complete. Actually one of 2 ships I have that can kill subs, the other is the corvette.

If you haven't guessed by now, I like big cannons Smile
[Image: attachment.php?aid=42030]
Ahhh... finally I can see it more ppl post. I thought its goona dead for this... mmorreeee
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