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Full Version: Need help (and advice) on balancing submarines
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I've been trying to tweak my submarine for a couple days now, and looking through some of the guides on how to balance it, it's gotten so bad to the point I had to revert to a state when I didn't tweak it that much. I need some help making sure my sub won't pitch when stationary and roll when turning. I've attempted to use PID and ion thruster but no luck since I'm no master at PID myself.
Probably not the best way to do it, but this is stable ( would probably remove some hydrofoils / jet stabs, it'll sort the tiny amount of bounce out ). The main problem is there's a massive excess of control authority & you can't really get the PID gain low enough to settle without removing it's ability to actually work. This pid algorithym is horrible too...

Added an air pump & control PID, so you might want to change both setpoints with an ACB if you want to change altitude.
Had a look at the modified version and thank you so much for the fix! It's tail may have the shakes but that's fair enough.
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